Experience a photo session


Your dream session…

“I strongly believe that this is not about how you LOOK but how you FEEL”

– Anna Konopinska


What People Say

” Thank you Anna for capturing what is most important for me – the love to my husband and my children.

Your photos are not only figures dressed in beautiful outfits, but most of all emotions.

While we were arranging the session, you said it would be an exceptional and special day and that’s how it was from the very first minute.”

Anna, age 37

“I know Anna for couple of years. She is amazing! Since I remember, being photographed made me feel stressed and reluctant. I always avoided posing to photos on any events. If any of photos of me were taken, I have never been happy with my appearance on them.

Anna took care of me in every little aspect regarding the whole session. The camera reluctance has gone and I experienced a diametrical change!

When I think back of the camera-shy problem I had, I came to the conclusion that it was just an irrational fear. Anna discovered not only my external beauty… she found much more.

Cooperation with her is at highest level.”

Agnes, age 35

It’s time for you to exist on the photographs.